Hanasaku Iroha 1x12


After spending the night at a hotel with Minko and Tōru, Ohana suggests that they kidnap Satsuki and force her to come to the Kissuisō, with Tōru only agreeing if they take Kōichi with them as well. Whilst Minko and Tōru visit Tokyo's various restaurants, Ohana runs into Igarashi, who tells her that she needs to decide what her feelings for Kōichi are. After she gets a call back from Kōichi, who tells her about how he visited the Kissuisō whilst Ohana was searching for Tōru at the time, Ohana feels guilty and decides not to take Kōichi back to the Kissuisō with her. After joining up with Minko and Tōru, the group goes to see Satsuki, who decides by herself to go to the Kissuisō. When Tōru's asks Satsuki about why she changed her mind, she replies that it's because Ohana reminded her of herself when she was younger.
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Unknown 2011 39 views

Hanasaku Iroha
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